Toothpaste Tube Factory Introduction

We have a mature toothbrush factory production line. Ten years of production experience gives us a strong strength.
There are essential differences in the production process between toothpaste tubes and ordinary cosmetic tubes.
The first step of ordinary tubes is to pull the tubes. However, the first step of toothpaste tubes is to roll the sheets, and finally roll the sheets into toothpaste tubes by machine.

Tube production process: the first step is to pull the tube, and both ends of the pulled tube are not sealed;
The second step is to select the injection head and tail according to the needs of customers;
The third step is printing. Different printing is carried out according to the needs of customers, such as silk screen printing, hot stamping, offset printing, labeling, etc;
The fourth step is to screw the cap, which is also a process according to the needs of customers; The last step is to detect the packing.