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Introduction of cosmetic packaging materials exhibition
ECOWAY is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic packaging. Our product range includes PE tubes, ABL tubes, PBL tubes, PET bottles, etc. As a member of the packaging materials for cosmetics and daily products, we are actively involved in the breakthrough of new materials for products.
March 8 is the Women' s Day every year. International Women' s Day (IWD) stands for "United Nations women' s rights and international peace day", which is also known as "International Women' s Day", "38 Days" and " Women' s Day. It is a festival established on March 8 each year to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements women have made in the economic, political and social fields.
Currently, more and more people are keen on various health care products. In this case, as a professional cosmetic packaging supplier, ECOWAY develops many new items. We can supply a variety of roller ball head massage cream tubes, and have different diameters for different roller ball applicators. The tube diameters are generally Ø16mm, ø19mm, ø25mm, ø30mm, ø40mm, ø50mm.
ECOWAY is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic packaging tubes. Our product range includes hand cream tubes, face wash tubes, BB cream tubes, sunscreen packaging tubes, toothpaste tubes and so on. We also produce and customize sets of cosmetic tubes. These are some items for your reference.
The growth of ecoway is inseparable from the efforts of every employee
manufacturer process:
tube tail sealing/cap assembling
you will be clear how to produce plastic tube after seeing this video.
After a year of hard work, the brothers and sisters in the workshop celebrated together
cosmetic tube exhibition in Chendu in 2019
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