Cosmetic Tubes Sets


ECOWAY is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic packaging tubes. Our product range includes hand cream tubes, face wash tubes, BB cream tubes, sunscreen packaging tubes, toothpaste tubes and so on. We also produce and customize sets of cosmetic tubes. These are some items for your reference.

1. PBL Face Wash Tubes Set

These are customized PBL cosmetic packaging tubes set, including 16 kinds of different printing design, to fill different liquids as customer' s requests. They can be used as facial cleanser packaging, hand cream packaging, etc. The capacity and printing can be customized according to your demands.

PBL Face Wash Tube

2. Hand Cream Tube Packaging Set

This is hand cream tube, including 4pcs 35ml smaller cream tubes in diameter 25mm, and 4pcs 100ml bigger soft tubes in diameter 35mm. The capacity can be customized through changing the tube length. Each one is coupled with ingenious printing design, it has an exquisite exterior appearance, which greatly improves the quality of the products.

Hand Cream Tube Packaging

3. Colorful Hand Cream Cosmetic Tubes Set

These are colorful empty cosmetic packaging tubes, made of PE plastic material. As you see, we have 4 colors cosmetic tubes samples, and each color tube has two different size, 35ml or 100ml. You can choose the suitable size according to your demands.

They can be used as hand cream tubes, body lotion tubes, etc. The tube size, color and printing can be customized accordingly. No matter you are interested in individual tube or colorful tube sets, please feel free to contact us to enquiry. We can also make other designs for you.

Colorful Hand Cream Cosmetic Tubes

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