Empty Cosmetic Plastic Packaging Squeeze Tube Wholesale Manufacturer
Empty Cosmetic Plastic Packaging Squeeze Tube Wholesale Manufacturer

Empty Cosmetic Plastic Packaging Squeeze Tube Wholesale Manufacturer

Model NO.
B series
US $ 0.05-0.20 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
5000 pieces
Country of Origin:

Item Namecosmetic packaging,cosmetics packaging containers,luxury cosmetic packaging,eco friendly cosmetic packaging
LayerMono-layer, double-layer and five-layer tube
Capacityround tube: from 3ml to 400ml; flat tube: from 15ml-200ml;
Diameterround tube: Φ13, Φ16,Φ19,Φ22,Φ25,Φ30,Φ35,Φ38,Φ40,Φ45,Φ50, Φ60
flat tube: Φ25,Φ30,Φ35,Φ38,Φ40,Φ45
CoatingGlossy, Matt
Epoxywith or without, accordingly to customer design
Printingoffset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, label
MOQ.5000 MOQ
Packingpack in tray carton first, then put in outer carton
Packingwithin 7 days


empty plastic cosmetic packaging,empty plastic tube packaging,plastic squeeze tube for cosmetic,cosmetic plastic tube packaging,plastic cosmetic packaging tube
As your request
Our factory mainly provides processing design and processing of hose products.
We can produce different sizes, material, and diameters according to your requirements.
Provide customized services to design private labels according to customer needs.
Customizable caps
Different kinds of caps can be choose, Including shape, material, craft, color
Up to four-color screen printing We provide all kinds of printing,
including offset printing, silk printing, hot stamping,as well as labeling and abl tube



Empty cosmetic tubes are an affordable and convenient packaging to protect, store,
dispense and market many types of products in a wide variety of industries.
Ecowaypack can design your plastic cosmetic packaging tubes, offer a variety of
different finishes and provide high definition color printing of any design you need.
Call us to find out how we can create the ideal cosmetic plastic tube for your products.


empty plastic cosmetic packaging,empty plastic tube packaging,plastic squeeze tube for cosmetic,cosmetic plastic tube packaging,plastic cosmetic packaging tube
5 Benefits of Using Cosmetic Tube Packaging

1.Lower Price
There is no denying cost is important in any business decisions. Tubes are one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions to choose.Due to the ease and speed at which tubes can be produced on a large scale, manufacturing costs are relatively low compared to other packaging materials and methods.This also means tubes are useful for reactive brands, constantly bringing out new products in line with marketing trends. Because tube packaging can be produced quickly, relatively cheaply and in large quantities, new products can hit the shelf fast.

2.Packaging Versatility
One of the most notable benefits of using tubes for cosmetic packaging is their versatility.Choose from extruded plastic squeeze tubes, the most general tube type used for a variety of industries including cosmetics; laminated squeeze tubes, most renowned for toothpaste; and aluminium metal squeeze tubes, impenetrable all-aluminium tubes mainly used for paints, adhesives, and foods. Find what works best for your product and brand.Along with choice of tube type, there are also multiple lids choices. For example, there are flip lids or screw top lids. Tubes can also be adapted with a variety of applicator options, such as brush tip for lip gloss or titanium roller ball for serum. You can also apply a secondary lining to further prevent product contamination before reaching the consumer.Tubes can be branded with ease, ensuring your products stand out and your brand gets remembered. With all-round decoration options, from tube texture to cap colour, tubes provide the ultimate branding opportunity.

Tubes allow you to make the most out of your product. From being able to fill precise amounts to consumers squeezing out every last drop, tubes help to reduce waste product.During the manufacturing stage any tube packaging not used can be reused or recycled. Following sale, increased focus on PCR results in more environmentally friendly packaging. Raw materials used to make tube packaging has become more eco-friendly, and this is something brands love to shout about.As consumers become more environmentally conscious, cosmetics companies are keen to promote any environmentally friendly initiates they have, including packaging. With many companies advocating their environmental promises in advertising and branding, any cosmetic company not doing the same is missing out.

4.Product Protection
With secure lids and sturdy exteriors, tubes provide effective protection for products against possible contaminants, from the air, light exposure and users. This is a huge benefit to both consumers wanting to use the product for a long time, and cosmetics companies wanting to maintain a good reputation.The simple squeeze dispersion method means users do not come into contact with excess product within the packaging, like they would in a tin, for example. This helps to reduce any contamination or degradation. Where product in a jar gets exposed to the air many times as it is opened, tubes reduce exposure and have only a small opening, preventing contamination. Similarly, the opaque exterior of tubes protects product from light degradation, unlike glass cosmetic packaging.

As tubes are less bulky than other packaging types, such as bottles, tubes can be packed more efficiently and therefore more transported for possibly less. Tubes, and especially plastic tubes, are lightweight in comparison to other packaging materials and therefore present the benefit of being relatively cheap to transport too.An additional benefit to plastic or aluminium tubes is their sturdiness, less prone to damage. Where glass cosmetic packaging may smash, or aluminium tins may dent, tubes remain intact.
  • Material:Plastic
  • Usage:Cosmetics
  • Cosmetic Type:Other
  • Surface Handling:Other
  • Place of Origin:Yangzhou
  • Brand Name:Ecoway

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